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Corporate Law

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Forming a Delaware Corporation

Summary Companies of all sizes, including more than 50% of U.S. publicly traded companies, 64% of the Fortune 500, and thousands of subsidiaries of companies based outside of the United States have chosen Delaware as their corporate home. Before making any decisions, consult corporate governance and law experts and make critical decisions about governance and […]

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Facts and Myths

Myth: Delaware is the largest U.S. jurisdiction for company formation. Fact: Delaware is the leading jurisdiction for publicly traded corporations listed on U.S. stock exchanges. More than half of such corporations (including 64% of Fortune 500 companies) have chosen to incorporate in Delaware.1 Delaware is also the leading jurisdiction for out-of-state incorporations, where a corporation […]

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The Delaware Way: Deference to the Business Judgment of Directors Who Act Loyally and Carefully

The Delaware General Corporation Law’s central mandate appears in Section 141(a); it provides that the business and affairs of every Delaware corporation are managed by or under the direction of the corporation’s board of directors. In discharging their duty to manage or oversee the management of the corporation, directors owe fiduciary duties of loyalty and […]

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Beyond the Borders: Delaware’s Benefits for International Business

Delaware has long been the preeminent jurisdiction of organization in the United States for all types of business entities. But Delaware’s business statutes are also attractive to foreign businesses seeking a home for their U.S. business ventures. Those statutes are regularly reviewed and updated, with important input from practicing attorneys who specialize in Delaware business […]

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Delaware’s Alternatives to Corporations

Delaware offers business solutions for managers and investors that go far beyond traditional stock corporations. Although the governing laws may differ, Delaware’s other advantages remain the same for these alternative entities excellent courts, a legislature willing to work with Delaware’s corporate bar, and a service-oriented Secretary of State’s Office. Thus, no matter which corporate form […]

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