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Corporate Law

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The State of Delaware gratefully acknowledges the help of the Court of Chancery Rules Committee in creating the articles featured here. The Rules Committee is comprised of a diverse group of experienced corporate practitioners drawn from many distinguished Delaware law firms, and members devoted many hours to creating content and assisting more generally in improving […]

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Why Businesses Choose Delaware

The question is often asked—why Delaware? Why does this small state (the second smallest in the United States) occupy such a large place in the world of business entities? The question has several answers, but most of the answers are not what people think. For example, Delaware is not a tax haven, Delaware does not […]

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About Delaware’s General Corporation Law

The foundation of Delaware’s business advantage is its General Corporation Law (“DGCL”). (Delaware has also developed advanced modern statutes for business entities other than corporations. [See Delaware’s Alternatives to Corporations.] The DGCL helps entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and stockholders create wealth through the corporate form both by what it is not, and by what it is. […]

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Delaware’s Options for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act (DRAA) establishes Delaware as a cutting-edge seat for business arbitrations. Crafted with extensive input from lawyers and businesses in the United States and across the globe, the DRAA was designed to make arbitration practice more timely and efficient. Here’s how. The DRAA imposes time limitations on […]

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Litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery and the Delaware Supreme Court

Delaware is world-renowned for its efficient and professional court system, which is particularly prominent in the areas of corporate, business, and commercial law. For many experienced lawyers throughout the world, the principal reasons to recommend organizing in Delaware are the Delaware courts and the body of case law developed by those courts. They point, in […]

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